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How far in advance should I book in?

Depending on what items you are after depends on when I should hear from you. Save your dates I recommend approximately a year before the big day, invitations six months prior seems to be key and two + months for on the day items. This is when we get chatting about what you’re after and have a consultation. If you’re wedding is a couple of weeks away I will do whatever I can to help but please be respectful if we say we have no availability. We know things happen, things get forgotten but we would prefer to give our clients who have secured us early on the attention they deserve and not make them feel forgotten while we’re rushing to get your items done.

Basically the earlier you chat to me, the sooner I can reserve studio time for you. I require a 30% deposit of your expected final account (based of concept and quantities) to secure your spot, this is required to be paid before any design work begins. Balance payment will be required prior to the commencement of the production phase.

How much will my stationery cost?

This varies for absolutely everyone and is entirely dependant on quantities, printing finishes and where you are located in the world. Please don’t be afraid to let me know your budget so I can work with you to find a way to achieve a look that ticks all the boxes including your finances. Please keep in mind we use quality suppliers and products and supporting local is something we are passionate about, if we can not work within your restrictions we will do our best to point you in the direction of a designer who can!

Can I customise fonts or colours?

OF COURSE! All of our designs are semi custom or bespoke meaning we can change absolutely everything. Please keep in mind some colours are more expensive or harder to source then others but we will keep you in the loop with this. We will work with you guiding you through colour combinations to work with your vision. Please remember colours on your monitor may differ to the paper colours in real life. We recommend arranging a consultation to view swatches and play with combinations.

I have a design I like, can you make it?

We are more then happy to see your inspiration, in fact we love it! We will use this along with everything we have learnt about you to create a design that captures your aesthetic. But please do not provide a photo of another designers work and expect us to replicate it. If your inspiration is what you have your heart set on and aren’t willing to waiver please get in touch with the original designer! We promise they will do a much better job then we will as each artist has their own style which translates to their work.

Can you help me with wording?

You bet we do! As part of your new client pack you will receive examples of popular options but we love creating something simply you if you’ll allow us!

What's your turn around time?

As all of our designs are semi custom or entirely bespoke time frames do vary and depend mostly on you!

The Invitation process takes four weeks +/- for design, standard digital printing + shipping time. Keep in mind speciality printing finishes do take longer to produce.

Menus and on-the- day items take approximately three weeks +/- for design, standard digital printing and + shipping time. Keep in mind speciality printing or hand completed elements do take longer to produce.

Please note as we work all over the world and a number of peak wedding seasons August – December is usually when we are busiest and things may take a little longer.

How many should I order?

We suggest ordering an additional 5-10 items ‘just in-case’ . There maybe instances where you have miscounted or where you make some new friends and want them as your guest. If there’s a few extras left over you can always have these as keep sakes or send them to your favourite vendors.

We recommend having an extra suite so your photographer can capture it on your wedding day with all of your other preparation/ detail photos. This way it can be added to your photo album with all of your other precious memories.

Can I add to my order?

We are happy to add to your order if we have not gone into the production phase of your designs or if we haven’t had to do a speciality order for custom items for your bespoke design. However, if we have already gone into production it’s going to cost you more per item, unless you’re looking to re-order the same amount (plus shipping). This is where the extra items included in your initial order could be a lifesaver.


Do you have a minimum order?

Yes and no!

We only impose minimum orders when the printers we use do, otherwise we’re a sucker for a small intimate wedding just as much as an extravaganza. Please keep in mind though that smaller print runs do cost more per item to print then a larger run.

If you're based in Brisbane, how do you work with me if I am elsewhere?

There are so many technological advances these days that making communicating easy, though most of the time email communication seems to be more then sufficient and favourable due to the time difference! Don’t stress we’ll find what works for both of us and go from there.

Do you supply proofs?

Digital proofs are always supplied, we can not commence your digital proofs until you have returned completed client forms back to us. You will sign off on a digital proof prior to your stationery or signage being moved into production. Should you wish to view a physical sample of your design please arrange this with us as soon as you start working with us. Please note physical samples will add approximately 2 weeks to our turnaround times and do incur an additional fee. Not all printing finishes are able to be supplied as a sample including foil and letterpress finishes.

Can you print double sided?

Most of the time yes! Translucent is a major notable exception. While we are only using one piece of paper printing double sided is an additional cost. In saying this, it is a more cost effective option then printing on two separate pieces of stationery.

What types of signage do you offer?

Basically anything! Signage plays such a huge part of your overall event aesthetic/styling that we are massive fans of having some fun with it and creating something a little out of the box. From pottery, to surfboards and everything in-between we’ll give it a go! Linen, acrylic/perspex and foam boards are some of the most popular choices on the market but getting creative can sometimes be just as cost effective!

I like this shape / colour of handmade paper - Can you make my order like that?

We totally get you, but the nature and beauty of handmade paper means every single piece of paper has it’s own colour, shape and texture! If you have a little OCD and can’t handle every piece having it’s own personality we suggest using a commercial cardstock maybe with a torn edge.. still romantic but a less wild and unpredictable!


How much is postage?

Postage varies between orders! We don’t want to be charging you the same amount for your 10 menus as someone else’s 60 invitations! We know how quickly everything adds up when planning an event so we will always work to find the cost savings especially when it comes to postage.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely we do! While we are based is Australia, over half of our clients are based in the United States. We’ve shipped to most corners of the globe.

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