How To Order

Either place an order through our Etsy shop for one of our items from the current collections or contact us and we can set up a direct bank transfer or Paypal.

There will also be details on your quotes. If you have any issues, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

The Process - Making an order with us

Step 1. Request

Either select an item from our collection or request a bespoke design. If you select a past design you can streamline the process and skip straight through to step 3, but if you still would still like a meeting feel free to let us know! Please be aware bespoke designs normally take between 4- 6 weeks minimum, as we generally are starting from scratch and need to source the best products for you.

Step 2. Concept

Concept design, either face to face, over the phone or via email (depending on location, requests and time frames) We LOVE to travel so a face to face is always our preference especially as it gives us great feel for your personality and helps spark the creative process. And of course you get to know who is behind the late nights making your vision come to life. From here we give you a minimum of 3 rough designs generally sketches and start playing with fonts. Estimated costs based on concept design, these generally don’t change and then form your formal quote. 


Step 3. Deposit

Deposit – 30% of the estimated cost of the design you wish to develop further and will be taken off the final account at the end. 


Step 4. Design development 

We work with you through every aspect of your design, colour, font, wording, layout selections etc. While you work on your guest list details ie addresses, partners names etc. This is where we pick any laces and finishing touches and is normally the only time prices fluctuate (unless your numbers drastically change or a complete happens). Trust us we will be completely open with you with costs when presenting selections and we know everyone has a budget, so we work tirelessly to match your vision with what you can afford. We don’t want anyone to have stationery that they are not in love with! You will receive a number of pdf proofs during this time for your comment on the design and how everything is working together. 


Step 5. Sample (optional)

Once you are happy with a design we print a sample for our clients who want to view the finished product and make sure nothing has been missed. This is providing there is time for this process, which normally depends on when you contact us and how long the design development has taken


Step 6. Final Design 

This is where we tweak any last minute changes prior to printing!! Once this is done it’s time for the final payment. 


Step7.  Final Payment 

Process the remainder of the payment. This is where we put in place any deductions or additions to your estimated costs. Don’t stress at this point there will be no shocks!! We also ensure your deposit and any instalments you have opted to pay prior are deducted. 


Step 8. Printing

There is no going back now!! Once your final payment is processed we print and assemble your stationery ready for postage. This can either take a matter of days or a week or two depending on your design and quantity. 


Step 9. Postage 

We either post the full set to you or post each item directly to your guest’s address 


Step 10. Capture

Take a snap and share on social media…don’t forget to tag us and us the #fieldingmilligan hastag


And you’re done!!!